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Hello, dear readers!

Throughout this blog, I will go by the name of Queenie. I hope that you will join me on this adventure throughout this blog as I bring to you witchcraft in the simplest form I can. On this blog, I will provide lists, recipes, altar ideas, and easy ways to perform and hone your craft without all of the stress that I had when I first began. Beginning the path of witchcraft is can be… overwhelming, especially if you are not sure where to begin.

Fret not, my dear readers, as I (and many other witches, should you know where to look) are here to help. If you’re new to this path and you’re wondering where to start, look no further! This blog will serve as a simplified way to learn the terms and basic witchery that I wish I had when I first began.

Before we delve in too deep, allow me a bit of time to introduce myself.

As I said previously, I will go by Queenie here on this blog. I have been studying witchcraft for a few years now, though I am very far from considering myself an “expert” on any topic. I am a green witch and astral traveler, though I also dabble in past lives and spirit work. I am a hellenic polytheist, but particularly worship Aphrodite and Zeus. I have a spirit companion I call Vaughn. I host a sort of “hotel for travelling spirits”, if you will. More on that later.

Those are the basics, I believe. Now if you’re very new to witchcraft, it is very likely that you don’t know of or haven’t heard some of the terms used above. I will clarify:

  • Green Witch is one who practices a more natural approach to witchcraft. I study and work with the energies of the universe and the earth, as well as crystals, plants, herbs, and similar.
  • An astral traveler is someone who–you guessed it–travels the astral realm. The astral is a spiritual plane of existence that is inhabited by spirits.
  • A hellenic polytheist is one who worships the Greek deities.
  • A spirit companion is a spirit who has willingly chosen to interact with a particular human.

This covers most of the intro, I believe. The next post will consist of common misconceptions or common questions asked by new witches.

Until then, make some tea and enjoy the sound of the rain.

.. Queenie ..


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