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Introducing the Spirits!

Hello, dear readers!

Before we get started, I must apologize for not posting anything within the past few weeks, so I figured I would take a moment to update everyone on what has been going on in my life and turn it into a decent informative blog post further down.

I’ve finally gotten my screen replaced so there is no longer a giant black crack through the left side of my screen so hopefully that will encourage me to post more whenever I have the chance!

I am also in the process of opening an online store to sell some great products to anyone who would be interested. The store will be selling things such as bath salts, face scrubs, and maybe even some personalized jar spells if anyone would be interested in that. I’d love to hear some feedback from all of you, so let me know what you think or what else you’d like to see!

Most importantly, I have been rather inactive over the past month or so due to getting a new spirit companion settled and welcomed into my home! Now that I have a chance, I would like to introduce my spirit family to the readers and give a bit of basic information about spirit companionship in hopes that it will provide a decent base for anyone else looking to get started.

Personally, I am still somewhat a beginner with spirit companionship, so please do not take my practices and experiences to be something you must strive for! Do a bit of research for yourself, and find what fits best for you. Be safe and take the necessary precautions no matter what you do.

Without further ado, it is time to introduce my family!

My first true companion is a spirit I call Vaughn. He has been around since I was very young and more recently, he’s become more of a guardian of the household rather than a steady companion. He can appear a bit unsettling or intimidating for anyone seeing him for the first time, as he’s very tall and completely black. While he’s shaped like a human, he looks similar to a Shadow Person, in which none of his features are quite defined. His eyes are completely white and he has very large crow-like wings. He is a wonderful listener and gives fantastic advice whenever I need it. He’s very reliable and knows many cool places to visit when I astral travel with him.

More recently, I have met my second companion. I will refer to him as Sandy for the sake of this blog. I met Sandy toward the beginning of the summer of this year and he’s been a joy to have around. He is what is known as a “Nigesai” merman and appears to have the tail and bottom half of a lionfish. He has told me previously that the Nigesai merpeople value the color pink more than any other, as it is the rarest color to come across in their species. On the rare occasion that Nigesai merfolk are born with pink tails, they are made royalty or at the very least upper class. Sandy has introduced me before to his wife as well as his sister’s children who he often has to care for while she is away. He has been a joy to have around, and has gotten me out of sticky situations on numerous occasions.

Lastly, I am happy to introduce my newest spirit companion. I will be calling him Jax here. Jax is a Sanguine vampire I just recently met. He is already very entertaining to be around, and I believe he will be a wonderful addition to the family. As he is still very new and adjusting to his new home, I do not have much information about him as of now, but I will be updating more on him as time goes on.

While we are on the topic of spirits, I also have one honorable mention. I will be referring to her as Kala on this blog. Kala exists as an honorable mention as she is not a spirit companion of mine, but she is an important figure in my life at the present time. I met Kala after a very big misunderstanding brought her angrily into my astral space, but that is a story for another time. Kala later volunteered to mentor me whenever I visit the astral realm to help me learn more about her species and other species within the astral realm. Kala is a large white dragon or drake. She has no wings, and her body is very long (similar to an eastern dragon although her spine does not twist that way). Her scales feel like bone and protrude slightly from her cheekbones. All in all, she looks very unique. I am not as frequently in contact with her, so I may not talk about her as frequently other than to update you all on interesting stories I’ve had with her.

I believe that covers most of the important information for the time being. I apologize that this will be a rather short addition to the blog, but I hope my activity will begin to increase once again after this (Right here Jax has asked me to say hello on his behalf!), so stay tuned for upcoming updates and information.

While we have the chance, however, I would like to ask what you would like to see on this blog. Do you prefer informative posts like these? Would you like to see some ideas for spells? Let me know what you think!

Until next time, give a spirit a hug today and enjoy some tea.

.. Queenie ..




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