About the Author

Although she grew up in a Christian environment, Queenie has been studying witchcraft for a few years. She works in green witchcraft, astral travel, Hellenic polytheism, divination and dabbles in spirit work. She seeks to help beginner witches decide on a path that is right for them and delivers simple and low-budget content in order to help perform spells without the hassle of expensive objects. Queenie has a spirit companion that goes by the name of Vaughn, who also travels the astral realm with her. She also has believes in multiple lifetimes as well as the multiverse, and works to incorporate these into her craft.

About the Blog

Queenie seeks to provide as many options for as many witches as possible by exposing her readers to simpler ways to perfect their craft. This blog hopes to teach young witches the basics in order to get them on their way to discovering their path. Queenie is always open to questions and concerns, though she would like to state here ahead of time that everyone has their own opinions and by no means should people have to accept everything she writes. If your path does not line up with what she writes, so be it. As long as there is no hate spread around, she encourages the readers to decide for themselves what they believe and what they don’t.